Upcoming Events
Class Monday27th ofAugust2018at 8pm
Freestyle Saturday8th ofSeptember2018at 8pm
Workshop Sunday16th ofSeptember2018at 2pm
Workshop Dates:

Sunday 16th September 2pm - 6pm at the Forest Community Centre.

Smoooth Improvers Workshop.

Improvers and experienced modern jive dancers - This Next Step workshop will develop the core principles learnt in the Fundamentals workshop that lead to a smoother style of movement.

An afternoon smoothing the shapes, expanding on the fundamental moves already learnt to enhance your dancing. Glide along the slot, feeling the gentle smoothness of this evolving style of dance, gaining confidence in your musicality.

This is the second step in a series of three workshops. To experience this workshop and the Intermediate workshop in October we ask that you must have attended a previous Smooth workshop or regular Enerjive Smooth classes for everyone to be able to get the most from the afternoon.

Leader and follower balanced. £20 per person. Free tea, coffee and cakes. Please contact Cliff on 07703 444976 to book or book at any Monday class or freestyle.

Intermediate/ Advanced workshop to be held in Octber. To attend this workshop you must have completed workshops 1 and 2 or regularly attend Enerjive Smooth classes for everyone to be able to get the most from each workshop.

Intermediate/Advance workshop to be held in October, date TBC

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